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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on August 30, 2014

I have found that the most enchanting time I get is,  in the morning when I go for a stroll. It used to be quiet and I get good opportunity to think of every thing in my life. In fact, this used to be the most enjoyable occasion and most of my plans in my career took shape here. This experience has also helped me to use this silence strategically in conversations. As a leader in your organisation, if you use this silence strategically, your words are likely to have more impact and you will be viewed as a more effective leader.  In some situations, by not reacting at all, your silence can work to calm the situation down and help the other person recognize the inappropriateness of his or her actions. According the words of Mark Twain ” The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause ” . Further , keeping silent helps us to increase our knowledge by hearing patiently to others. But, I wonder, in this modern techno – noisy society, is making room for silence is difficult ? We are used to hear noise of phones, music and loud talks.  We should learn to unmask noise by deliberating and consciously making an effort to create silence. In so doing, we can remove tension and anxiety from our environment , recharge our internal batteries, and create peace with ourselves and our surroundings. I know it may sound impossible for somebody. But , if you can make a small adjustment in your daily life by creating total silence, it can make a big difference in your life. Put off all your audio equipments ( phone , music etc. ) for at least 30 minutes a day to enjoy the beauty of silence. Use this opportunity for thinking and introspection. Also use silence prudently in conversations and enjoy the equanimity you get from that.

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