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The three envelopes

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on April 26, 2015

Boss, while handing over the charge to the new incumbent gave him three envelopes. The envelopes were marked 1, 2 and 3. He told the new person to open them only when he is in doubt or encounters any problems. In the first instance when he needed an answer he would open cover no.1 ; next time envelope no.2 and third time no.3.The new boss took charge and implemented his ideas/strategies to carry on the company successfully. After few months he faced problems and opened the cover no.1. ‘ Put the blame on your predecessor ‘ , it was written there. He explained accordingly to the board of Directors. He continued the works in his own style. After an year or so when he faced failures he opened cover no.2 where it was written – ‘ Start new projects ‘. He presented his strategies to the management and started some new projects to increase the revenue. This went on for some time and when he faced criticisms / problems he opened the envelope no.3 to find an answer. It read – ‘ Make another three envelopes ‘.

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