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Anger – Your worst enemy

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on July 24, 2016

In our life  there are occasions when we react angrily or retort in a fit of anger . But , the fact is that if we act in a fit of anger we always kill our reputation, ruin our character or integrity. It is told that Anger can make you do things that you will regret. Stay in control of your anger. Do not let your anger control you.

In Ramayana when Rama was asked to go to forest for 14 years by his father , brother Lakshman  in  a fit of rage vows to imprison his father to make Rama the king. But, Rama controls him and tells him to renounce the anger which otherwise would ruin his character. Even in Bhagawad Geetha Chapter II , Lord Krishna explains the perils of the vice Krodha ( anger ). He says that a person loses all his virtues if he cannot control his anger and act upon it. From anger comes delusion and from delusion comes loss of intellect. Hence Lord advises that one should renounce Anger.  Anger can be controlled or totally eliminated only by developing virtues like patience and tolerance. All successful people in life have these qualities.a

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