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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on December 29, 2016

My old colleague in banking career once asked me this question that how am I continuing in my career with the same enthusiasm for 47 years . Even though I replied casually that it was because of my attitude towards Karma, this question had gone deep in to my mind. How am I not getting tired of this repetitious work ? Of course, it did bore me at times and I used to refresh/recharge myself by taking a break for few days. This was normal with anybody. But, I feel the main reason was the dedication/commitment towards the work. Even though the work habits were same from the beginning of my career, I felt more responsible after starting my own enterprise. Starting with strength of below 10 members in 1983, today I am responsible for the livelihood of nearly 250 families directly or indirectly. This feeling of responsibility is giving me the zeal and enthusiasm for working fresh every day. However, I am very much contented today since my colleagues and children can carry on with the mantle now even without my presence. I learned in my long career that for successful conduct of an organization you need to have some essential qualities.

Firstly, you have to lead from the front. You have to be there with your team and have to be a role model before asking them for discipline.

You should also have integrity, patience and humbleness. The team will honestly follow you if you are leading them with these virtues.

You should win the confidence of the team for the success of the organization.

I feel we can make any job/career interesting and promising if we have the right approach and attitude towards that.

My friend was in full acceptance of my views.

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